Weekly £25 Bag

£25.00 for each 1 week

  • Haven’t got time to choose every week?
  • Love all our food?
  • Want clean eating solutions ready to go?
  • The Mix Bag is perfect for you! 

You’ll get:

  • 3 x Sub 600Kcal complete meals
  • PLUS 2 x breakfast items
  • PLUS an SK Deli wrap or baguette

Menu changes every week so you don’t get bored!

This is a subscription product that renews every week, from the day you purchase, saving you time & money!

You can log into your account at any time to pause / resume / take a break

# of Meals Discount Price
10 - 14 5%
15 - 19 8%
20 - 100 10%

All Day Breakfast Wrap


Spinach tortilla filled with homemade baked beans, chicken sausage, lean bacon & scrambled egg - Perfect for any time of the day!

Snack Pot: Spinach & Boiled Egg

2 boiled eggs & baby leaf spinach in a handy protein pot