Moroccan Spiced Plant Balls, Chickpea & Cous Cous, Garlic Sauce (v)



Plant based ‘meatballs’ roasted in Moroccan spices served with a roasted chickpea & cous cous salad and a light garlic mayo sauce


Plant based meatballs, Oyster mushroom, vegetable oil, coconut, sunflower oil, vegetable protein, SOYA protein, peas, rice, GLUTEN WHEAT, starch, OAT, salt, dextrose, vinegar, lemon juice, BARLEY malt, beetroot concentrate, vitamin B12 chickpeas, cous cous WHEAT, garlic mayo MUSTARD, MILK, EGG, peas, sweetcorn, coriander, red onion, green pepper, water, Modified Maize Starch, Dehydrated Garlic, Salt, Onion Powder, Herbs, Yeast Extract, Lemon Oil, Turmeric
Extract, Spice, Rosemary Extract, Garlic Extract), Potato Fibre, Potato Starch, Stabiliser Maltodextrin, Acidifiers

# of Meals Discount Price
10 - 14 5%
15 - 19 8%
20 - 100 10%